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This is the recording of the Deep Dive lecture with Linda-Anne Kahn that took place on May 11 2022

Integrating Aromatherapy in Your Daily Life with Linda-Anne Kahn

APRIL 12, 2021 – Play time: 52:25
Dr. Deb and Linda-Anne Kahn explore the benefits of lymphatic drainage work and its effects on Lyme disease and chronic illness as well as incorporating aromatherapy and its benefits in your daily life.

Do not miss these highlights:

[7:42] An overview of the lymphatic system and the purpose of lymphatic drainage
[11:18] Activating the parasympathetic system through aromatherapy in conjunction with Lyme disease care
[14:32] Understanding lipedemia and the confusion physicians have with the terminology when treating patients
[17:31] Working with the three types of lipomas and the treatments of them
[20:20] Telemedicine and counselling therapists to work with aromatherapy in conjunction with their treatment to the benefit of the client
[24:52] The effects covid has had on her practice and refocusing more on wellness
[32:58] Using body vibration to stimulate the movement of the lymph system
[35:12] Getting started into aromatherapy, its usage and precautions that all need to aware of before using essential oils, including pregnancy, children and pets
[46:41] Lyme disease, treatment and the use of aroma therapy in persistent Lyme
[48:09] Using essential oils to boost the immune system in an effort to possibly minimize affects of covid.


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