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Hi Linda Anne,
Thank you again for creating this wonderful 21-day purification program. It has truly been a life-changing experience to me.As a person who has suffered from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) for most of my life, this has been the FIRST time I can remember that I haven’t experienced ANY indigestion issues whatsoever. None.

If this isn’t testimony enough, let me share with you what else I have experienced:

No physical pain in my body.
An abundance of energy (I actually wake up in the morning refreshed and ready to start the day).
More focused (no feeling like I have ADD anymore) and more present
Cheerful / positive outlook / grateful.
Positive self-image; how good it feels to treat my body so well!
I look forward to going to yoga – a chance to connect my mind and body – to provide it a different kind of “fuel”.
Excited to try new, healthy recipes.

My family benefits from the veggies & fruit

Good role- model for my child.
I have energy to keep up with my 3 year old son (well, almost!).
Blemish-free skin! Not a breakout since day 7 of the cleanse.
The whites of my eyes are, well, white. Not bloodshot like they were before.
To top it off, I’ve lost over 10 pounds!!
Linda Anne – with your words of wisdom, guidance and magic fingers! I feel that I have just begun to tap into the breadth of resources at Beauty Kliniek for a lifetime of wellness.
Thank you for this amazing 21-day purification process.
With wellness and gratitude,

Jen M

Linda Anne Kahn is a superior health care professional. I came to her for lymphatic drainage and received far more in terms of my overall well-being. Her genuine caring, accumulated wealth of knowledge on a holistic approach to health and her committed support has been worth more than I can express. Linda Anne is the kind of person that willingly spends her off hours researching additional ways to enhance the fitness of her clients. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been referred to Linda Anne to receive her services. At a bare minimum, I know I am healthier as a result of her expert lymphatic drainage, yet she has offered so much more. She is the best of the best!


Linda Anne Kahn and her staff at Beauty Kliniek are amazing, warm and friendly. New to San Diego, I was looking for a place to feel pampered and address some health issues I was having. Linda Anne is truly a renaissance woman! She has a diverse background in beautification, massage therapy, aromatherapy, nutrition and manual lymph drainage.


She is truly a jewel I found in San Diego! Linda Anne has brought together a unique staff of wellness and beautification professionals to help with all your needs. She and her staff have tremendous passion for helping others as well as compassion for you as to why you are not feeling well to begin with. When my grandfather passed, she made an aromatherapy blend for me to give me PEACE as well as suggested some homeopathics to take to help with my emotions.


I was introduced to this wellness center during their “Birthday Bash”; this year and was in a lot of pain from years of overuse and abuse of both hands. After having hand surgery that led to a central nervous system issue. I will admit, I was a real mess when I started treatment with Linda Anne. She is highly knowledgeable and well trained in whole body and mind holistic medical treatment. I have had a reduction in pain, which completely blows my mind that holistic medical treatment does it with natural remedies, nutritional guidance, aromatherapy, and massage therapy. Highly recommend coming to see Linda- Anne if you are in pain or in emotional distress.


Dear Linda-Anne…
My body is becoming a miracle of repair, thanks to all the caring I’ve received on all accounts. Again I thank you and marvel at your talent for understanding and help with the healing of my condition.
It saddens me to remember the mileage distance between us. Surely there’s so much more to learn from you.

Gratefully, and with warmest regards.

Dear Linda-Anne,
I appreciate your insight into making healthy dietary choices, and educating me about the lymph drainage process. I feel relaxed and rejuvenated after each visit with you. Now I am following your guidelines to avoid salt, wheat, and animal fats. I am interested in maximizing my dietary intake of flax seeds/oil, coconut oil and your suggestions on chia seeds. Please send me suggestions for meeting dietary guidelines on the anti-inflammatory diet.
Thank You for the wonderful work you do to enable others to make positive changes in their lives.


Linda Anne is truly a wonderful person to work with! She has passion for Holistic Health and it shows through her work. I met Linda Anne for the first time when I decided to participate in the 21-Day Program at Beauty Kliniek. She made herself readily available for any questions or concerns throughout the entire program. She and her team of therapists are truly amazing. When my program was complete I was energized and able to apply what I learned into my everyday life…thus having a much healthier lifestyle. I am consistently impressed by the service I receive from LindaAnne and her team!

Jacklyn A

Linda Anne is the top rated aromatherapist in the country, and perhaps in the entire world. She is a committed, loving, devoted healer, who gives her all, stopping at nothing in order to have her clients healed. Linda Anne is also someone you’d love as your best friend – full of laughter, fun, and high standards of integrity. A rare package!


I came down with a skin condition that needed immediate attention and someone I trust recommended Beauty Kliniek. Actually was able to speak directly to the owner Linda Anne who was not only very friendly but very knowledgeable. Linda Anne went above and beyond what I was expecting. She was very responsive and even followed up a few weeks later to see if my condition cleared up. I have to highly recommend Beauty Kliniek. Their service was top notch and Linda Anne treated me like a friend rather than a customer. I’m going to become a regular!

Margaret G

“Linda Anne’s passion for aromatherapy, in-depth clinical knowledge, vast training, and fantastic interpersonal skills made the basic and advanced aromatherapy classes I took from her a great experience. I particularly liked how she welcomed discussion of other holistic therapies when case studies were reviewed in class. She made each student feel welcome and special. Her passion was truly contagious! It prompted me to immerse myself in aromatherapy and go on to learn more and earn my credentials as a Holistic Health Practitioner.”
“Linda Anne has an amazing wealth of knowledge when it comes to the application and use of essential oils for health and wellbeing. Her teaching methods are easy to follow and fun; she has a gentle glowing spirit that made coming to class a joy. I will always be thankful to Linda Anne!”

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