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Internationally trained Beauty Therapist, Aromatherapist, Holistic Health Practitioner, and Lymphedema Therapist. Linda-Anne is markedly a Board Certified as an internationally recognized Cidesco Diplomat. Additionally she is Certified as a Clinical Aromatherapist from Eve Taylor, London.

About Me

As an Aromatic Wellness Warrior, I am dedicated to helping my clients achieve total health of the body and mind utilizing aromatherapy, lifestyle changes and excellent nutrition. My goal is to create awareness and to help my clients to make the changes necessary to achieve optimal health and well being.

My Vision

Is to inspire and empower each and every client to achieve optimal health and vitality so that they can live the life they always dreamed of. I do this through heart centered guidance on how to live to your fullest potential. We incorporate aromatherapy, lifestyle changes and excellent nutrition. I do this through the use of aromatherapy, manual lymph drainage, nutrition, mind body therapies, health and lifestyle counseling, music therapy and more. Leading my clients on 7 day, 12 day, or 21 day purification programs and cleanses.

Health & Beauty

Recognized significantly as a leading authority in the Health Beauty and Wellness fields. In addition Linda Anne is a sought after speaker at many professional conventions and events. Consequently and as a result she is a regular presenter at National and International Lymphedema and Aromatherapy conferences and also Fat Disorder conferences.

Aromatic Wellness Warrior

A true Wellness Warrior and renaissance woman, Linda-Anne started out her career in the health and beauty industries in South Africa, as an internationally trained CIDESCO Beauty Therapist and Esthetician. Linda Anne is nationally certified Massage Therapist, Clinical Nutritionist and Integrative Health coach. She is a certified Clinical Aromatherapist from Eve Taylor, London and teaches aromatherapy certification courses in San Diego. A Lymphedema Specialist, she is nationally certified by LANA and internationally certified by the Dr Vodder School, Austria and the Foeldi School, Germany.

Manual Lymph Drainage Therapist

She is also certified as a Manual Lymph Drainage Therapist from the University of Adelaide, Australia. Linda Anne is the founder and President of Beauty Kliniek Aromatherapy Day Spa and Wellness Center in San Diego, which has been recognized as one of the country’s leading Day Spas for over 30 years. 


My mission is to help people embrace a healthier lifestyle and in addition guide them on their journey to optimal health in addition to well-being (balance of body, mind and soul).


Firstly the Beauty Kliniek Promise is give you the very best service and care at all times. In addition we will always carry products that are always the finest quality.


Consequently our purpose is to build a stronger and healthier community in addition to helping people achieve optimal health and well-being from the inside out.

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