Helping to support the healthy function of the immune system as well as affecting the autonomic nervous system, thereby causing an overall pleasant and relaxing effect.

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Lymph drainage (MLD)

LMD is a gentle technique that is a rhythmic, manual stretching and release of the skin that works on the lymphatic vessels to mechanically stimulate and enhance the flow of lymph throughout the body’s tissues.
It also helps to support the healthy function of the immune system as well as affecting the autonomic nervous system, thereby causing an overall pleasant and relaxing effect. The therapy cleanses the connective tissue of wastes, thus decongesting and reducing edema, pain and swelling.
MLD eliminates waste products from the connective tissue, improves the metabolic environment for the body’s cells and thus assists with detoxification and cleansing the tissues. .
It can be applied to carefully re-route lymph flow around and away from blocked, swollen areas to other healthy functioning lymph vessels.
Redirecting fluids aids to reduce swelling, increase mobility and decrease pain.

Benefits of MLD:

Faster recovery and less scarring from surgery and other types of trauma by making lymph flow faster and stimulating the formation of new connections between lymph vessels. The lymph system is responsible for transporting damaged cells, inflammatory products and toxins away from the area.
Congestive conditions such as chronic sinusitis, bronchitis, acne, and headaches due to fluid retention can be cleared by eliminating waste products from connective tissue and improving the metabolic situation.
MLD induces deep relaxation as it has a sympathiolytic effect (calming of the sympathetic nervous system, Relieves heaviness tightness, swelling and pain in the limbs of clients suffering from lymphedema. Relieves retention of fluids during pregnancy and menstrual cycle. Decreases local edemas and hematomas from orthopaedic surgery, cosmetic surgery scars, and burn scars; leading to a decreased in healing time and increase in client mobility. Decreases venous and arterial ulcers by decreasing micro edemas and increasing nutrient supply.


Experts believe that eighty percent of the immune system lies in the half inch between the intestinal villi and the lymphatic drainage that surrounds the gut.
Just outside the intestinal wall is the Gut Associated Lymphatic System (GALT). In this half inch between the villi on the inside of the intestinal wall and the GALT on the outside of the wall is the most important half-inch of the body because it is where 80% of the body’s immune function lies. When the lymph is congested, you may experience: skin rashes, itchiness, achy joints, holding on to water or swelling anywhere in the body, allergies, headaches, sore throats, swollen glands, swollen or tender breasts, cellulite, extra belly fat, gas or bloating.

Lymph drainage

The lymphatic system begins in the intestinal villi (called the “lacteals”) where they pull nutrients and fat-soluble toxins off the intestinal wall. The problem is that if the gut is constipated or there is excessive reactive mucus bogging down the villi, the lymph and its white blood cells may not provide immunity or detoxification.*
Fat-soluble toxins – like heavy metals, environmental toxins, pollutants, pesticides, for example – are defaulted to the liver. The liver may not be able to deal with these toxins that had originally been earmarked for processing through the gut and the lymph. Therefore, for complete detoxification it is important to cleanse your lymphatic system
Linda Anne Kahn is a graduate of the prestigious DR Vodder School in Tirol, Austria and also the Foeldi School Germany.

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