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Combining a cleansing program with herbs, aromatherapy and lymph massage you will emerge vibrant and vital, ready to take on the world!

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The 21 Day Purification Program

Do you often wake up tired or in general feel lethargic?
Are you feeling stressed and tired a lot?
Would you like to feel vibrant with an abundance of energy and have a strong immune system?
Effectively combat sluggishness and fatigue
Help you to purify your system
Lose weight
Give your more energy and vitality
Assist Digestion
Relieve Stress
It is time take charge to your life now to make the changes necessary for creating health and vitality.
This program is not another fad or temporary solution. It has been shown in numerous studies that it takes 21 days to create new habits.

Our program

Our 21 day purification program will give you practical tools which can be easily integrated into your lifestyle which will allow you to maintain your results over time. This is a detox program focusing on weight loss, liver/gallbladder and nutritional support.

The program consists of:

The program costs $899 and consists of –
• 3 Nutritional Consultations to guide you with this program and assess your individual needs
• A 21 Day Purification Kit containing four whole food nutritional supplements needed for one 3-week purification and weight management program
• 3 Detox Footbaths
• 3 Infrared Sauna’s
• 3 Manual Lymph Drainage Massages to cleanse the connective tissue of wastes

Optional Extra:
• 3 triactive laser treatments – $330 (Save $120). This is an FDA approved laser which effectively combats cellulite, reduces fat deposits and increases lymph circulation.

7 day cleanse

This Detox is a focused, short-term diet to promote the elimination of unwanted chemicals and environmental and dietary toxins from the body in addition to eliminating toxic wastes from the connective tissue and the colon.

In this powerful cleansing week you will achieve a brighter complexion and a more radiant and energetic you will emerge. You will also shed some unwanted pounds!

1 nutritional consultation and evaluation
Instruction on juicing or green smoothies
2 lymph drainage massages
2 infrared sauna sessions
And 2 ionic foot baths
Colon cleansing herbs
Herbal formula to detoxify for the liver

Call 858-472-0191 for more information or sign up to request a complimentary health evaluation.

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Detox Program

I will guide you with a comprehensive Detox program that identifies and assists you in your body’s abilities to eliminate toxic poisons. This helps you in restoring the proper functioning of the body’s immune system and aids in the elimination of chronic ailments such as headaches, fatigue digestive problems and more. Combining a cleansing program with herbs, aromatherapy and lymph massage you will emerge vibrant and vital, ready to take on the world!
I can help you with a 21 day purification program and a 7 or 12 day detoxification cleanse in conjunction with a weight loss program, focusing on liver/gallbladder support nutritional supplements and dietary fibre.